Security Product

Our cutting-edge cyber security products solve multidimensional challenges faced by law enforcement agencies, security and defense establishments. Cyber space is considered to be 5th dimension of warfare and is much more complex than traditional battlefields of air, land, sea and space. There have been many instances observed by the national security agencies where this space has been utilized against the national interest by internal and external anti-national elements.

There is a surge in the state sponsored cyber attacks to cause social, political and economical instability in a country. Apart from this, national security agencies have also witnessed many cyber attacks planned for defense and industrial espionage. Our research and analysis team work closely with the law enforcement, defense and security establishments in many high profile cyber attack cases.

With years of experience and exposure of the domain, we have developed cutting-edge cyber security products to thwart the ever-growing challenges in the domain. Our range of cyber security products are utilized by national security agencies of many countries to solve complex tactical and strategic issues. Most of our products are designed considering big data and actionable intelligence requirements of national security agencies.